Rome Statistical Research- Education

Education is highly regarded in Rome, stemming from ancient times. In ancient Rome even if the poor did not receive a formal education, they were often taught to read and write. Like in many cultures, wealthier families had tutors or were sent to schools. These schools were also mainly used for boys, girls deemed not worthy to have an education.

Even in the data, below, from Unicef, this high regard for education is shown. The literacy rates for 15-24 year olds (female and male) stood at 99.9%.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.17.09.png

Education in Rome is split very much like ours in the UK, with three main stages.

  • Infant school for children aged three to six
  • First cycle including primary school and secondary school, 1st grade. (Compulsory 8 years of schooling).
  • Second cycle including the high schools [licei] and the vocational education and training system

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