Artefacts and Schematics

So our next task is to create a diagram and an artefact based on a movie selected for us. Our movie? Star Wars, Episode four. One of my favourites- thank goodness.

We agreed tonight to watch the movie and identify the plot line i.e. where the characters are and what their key elements in the plot are.

I identified that there are quite a few main characters (imdb provided me with an extensive list- including those that I couldn’t from previous movies).

Image taken from imbd. (Hamill et al., 2016).

The artifact that we have to create can be anything- a dance, painting, object- literally anything! So many ideas are going through my mind right now. Some sort of vehicle or weapon to be used? Maybe a temple as like a neutral place for people taking sanction against the Sith?

The other thing we have to make is a schematic diagram for the movie plot. It has to entail the movements and interactions of each of the characters together- like a feedback loop. You follow the lines from character to character and can develop the plot on your own. We also have a bit of creative license- carrying on the the story of the off screen characters. We have to interpret the way the director wanted to plot line to go.


Schematic Diagram example. (Unmasa Dalha, 2016)

Firstly I wanted to look into Star Wars itself- what inspired Matt Lucas? What did he look at when developing the franchise?

There were quite a lot of movies that influenced Star Wars.

  • Flash Gordon, the Cloud City showing influence from this movie.
  • Hidden Fortress, this provided the blueprint for C-3PO and R2-D2. The character Hyao Tadokoro had several scars that Darth Vader’s influences.
  • Searchers, the movie was set in the desert with a young boy becoming the hero.
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood- Maid Marian’s hairstyle influenced that of Princess Leia.
  • Lawrence of Arabia- David Dean’s landscapes influenced those designed in the movie.
  • Casablance- Sigor Ferrari, the bouncer in the movie, inspired Jabba the Hut.
  • Metropolis-C3-P0 was heavily influenced by the female robot ‘Maria’ in this movie.
  • Wizard of Oz- a parallel in both plot and characters. R2-D2 was seen as Toto.
  • Dam Busters- the X Wing fighter scene was originally planned from cut scenes from this movie.
  • Triumph of Will- looking at the Nazi’s and the dictatorship like quality to the Sith.

Lucas was also influenced by historical events.

  • Nazi Germany- the Triumph of Will was evidence of this. The uniforms of the Imperial Officers and Darth Vader mirrored that of Nazi officers. Palpatine’s rise to chancellor is similar to that of Hitler’s to the Fuhrer.
  • Richard Nixon- an famous quotation of “he pretended to be a nice guy.” This is very similar to that of Palpatine, as he fools the Jedi.
  • Vietnam War- the guerilla warfare tactics influenced that of the Rebels against the Galactic Empire. The Viet Cong were also said to have influenced the Ewok creatures whom acted in great force with limited weapons.
  • Ancient Rome- the names of political institutes and leaders were influenced by Ancient Rome. In the book “Star Wars and History” Tony Keen noted that the Planet Naboo was a direct copy of imperial Rome.
  • Knights Templar- the Jedi council follows that of the medieval monastery military of the order of the Knights Templar. Terrance MacMullan wrote “Templar knights were esteemed above other knights for their austerity, devotion, and moral purity. Like the Jedi, they practiced individual poverty within a military-monastic order that commanded great material resources.”
  • Cold War- the threat of a nuclear weapon acting upon a planet, causing significant harm was very similar to that of the Cuban missile crisis.


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Unmasa Dalha, (2016). SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Feb. 2016].




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