Floating City Research..

We wanted to have a look into concepts for floating cities themselves and the various elements we could look at, obviously this concept has been explored in games and movies.

brain storm one.jpgInitial brain-storm with Ryan and Eoin.

The Grinch- land on a Snowflake. Video courtesy of BasilBrushEsq.

Stargate city of Atlantis. (24.media.tumblr.com, 2016)


Cloud City- Star Wars. (Img09.deviantart.net, 2016). Nasa are currently looking a developing a cloud city over the planet Venus- in the form of blimps. I found new articles discussing how they will conduct project HAVOC. 

corousant.jpgStar Wars Coruscant. (Media.moddb.com, 2016).

Soldiersfield2.jpgBioshock City of Columbia. (Vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net, 2016).


Laputa’s Moving Castle. (Img06.deviantart.net, 2016).


Howles Moving Castle. (Ak-hdl.buzzfed.com, 2016).

Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Video courtesy of Videos123Full.

280px-JLsatellite2.jpg Justice League’s head quarters- The Watchtower. (Upload.wikimedia.org, 2016).

In 2012 the human race evacuated to live in these arc like ships, very reminiscent of Noah’s Ark. Video courtesy of ExtraTerrestrials.

walleThe human race existed in these ships in orbit around the Earth.  (Vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net, 2016).


Tony Stark’s Reactor- acts as its own power source (Img14.deviantart.net, 2016). 

When looking at this project we have to thing of how the world will live with itself- will it have to be living i.e. will people occupy it? Or will it be the representation of people? Natasha and Christian’s group created a world based on the human genome- maybe this is something we could explore?

Video courtesy of blackwinterraven .

When considering this idea of capsule I couldn’t help but think of Sea Monkeys. These little shrimp creatures live for two months with the feeding of a red food (rich in Vitamin A). Could we incorporate a photosynthesis like technique for creating food?



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