Graphic Novel

I wanted to explore all avenues of the artwork for this movie- including the graphic novel/comic by marvel. The comic book ran from 1977-1986 and was published again in 2015 with digitally remastered images. The comics were written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Howard Chaykin, coloured by Chris Sotomayor and the cover was by Adi Granov.

                      (Thomas et al., n.d.)

The comic books provided a variation in plot lines compared to the actual movie.

Howard Chaykin– Chaykin was inspired by Gil Kane, another comic book artist and illustrators like Robert Fawcett and Al Parker.

These influences are clearly evident in his work. The scenes have a lot going on, but with enough guidance for the eye so we can understand what is going on in the story. The heavy outline that he uses is very stylised, used in most comics, however the work of Gil Kane can be seen taking influence here. He limits the amount of lines used. I thought his original concept work showed Gil Kane’s influence the most.

Some of his work. My favourite pieces are the rougher outlines he completed for the concepts of the novel.

(1*)Thomas, R., Chaykin, H., Leialoha, S., Hoberg, R. and Wray, W. (n.d.). Star wars.



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