Experimenting with Styles and Collaboration

When designing some posters I really liked the idea of one that could be used like a graffiti tag by both the Imperial army and Rebels- much like the Juden tag seen in Germany during World War 2. These posters would be stuck up throughout the city to remind the citizens of the correct side to support.

Jude/ Juden Graffiti. (Getty Images, 2016).

Experimenting with some images from the original movie. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).

Caitlin had originally created some really interesting edits of images she drew and I wanted to use these in my posters somehow.

Some of Caitlin’s images. They reminded me of x-rays or blueprints. I wanted to edit these somehow to create the look of a burnish over the top of the image itself. Gianni said I should look at the title sequence for the game “Total War.” The blood red effect is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to give the essence as if the

    (YouTube, 2016)


(Greenskyhosting.com, 2016).

Using Caitlin’s blue-print like variations as a background I wanted to create like a hidden ‘Implicit’ meaning to the piece, like those we were taught about in the lecture. Including these more hidden images may implant a meaning into the mind- in this case the hidden R2-D2 may allude to the Rebels to look out for the droid and protect it. I tried to create like a burning or smoke effect to hide the message from unwanted eye (the Imperial troops).

A lot of movies contain subliminal messages, Fight Club being the most famous example.

    (YouTube, 2016).


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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) Directed by George Lucas [Film]. USA: Lucasfilm LTD

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YouTube, (2016). Best Hidden Messages In Famous Movies. [online] Available at: https://youtu.be/q14aPbvbvl8 [Accessed 10 Feb. 2016].


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