Research- Sexual Attraction

When considering the woman posters for our artefact, we agreed that the ‘sexualisation’ route would be something more fun to experiment with. Although the women were more modest in the posters from World War 1 and 2, nowadays women in advertising are used more of an object.

British War Posters (, 2016) German War Posters (, 2016) and French War Posters (, 2016).

Traditional war posters. Modest, pretty women with rosie cheeks and smiles were often used, especially in the British and American posters. Whereas the Nazi campaigns preferred a more ‘home-grown’ aryan woman.


The Strut- illustrations from the ‘Cartoon Animation’ by Preston Blair. (Blair, 1994).

Andrew Brennan gave me some advice with researching, and suggested I try some books for basic pointers. Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair was a book he suggested, especially with character design. One of the main images that stuck out to me was the above page entitled “The Strut.” It shows a sensual dancer partaking in an alluring move. Her heavy make up and overall movement makes her look more feminine, more inviting.

To make the female character (Leia) look as inviting as possible, I decided to look into what things men find attractive in women.

A study by PLOS ONE in 2015 did a survey to find out the ideal woman to men. The study had 266 Spanish undergraduate female rated in order of beauty based on the following attributes; facial fluctuating asymmetry, facial averageness, facial dimorphism, and facial maturity. I didn’t quite understand what these meant at first so had to look them up.

Facial Fluctuating asymmetry– describes the symmetry of the face- the more symmetry is said to result in a healthier person with higher reproductive qualities. The below shows this trait evident in some celebrities.

                   Symmetry in celebrities (Editors, 2011).

Facial Averageness– the alignment of the face to its features.

Facial Dimorphism-how much the face appears classically female (thick lips, round cheeks, higher eyebrows).

Facial Maturity– describing the age of the face- the younger the better. (Anon, 2016).

The researchers then asked the women to rate themselves on a rate of 1-7, and asked a group of men to do the same thing to them. They found, from their results that men value the aspects of facial fluctuating symmetry highly, but favour maturity and averageness more.

Using this information, it will be important to look at such characteristics when plotting the image of Leia.

The image below was taken from a study done by the Dailymail in 2013. It asked men to compose their ideal woman (based on celebrities). They found that men preferred blonde hair, full lips, and strong cheekbones but also a petite nose, less prominent forehead and finer eyebrows. Agreeing with the more recent study by PLOS ONE, more men showed they preferred a more natural woman, with features that are similar to the average woman, whereas the female preferred more heavy set features.


The ideal woman according to the Mail. (Mail Online, 2013).

The greatest ideal in beauty, however, is that which applies to the ‘Golden Ratio’ or Phi Mark. Dr. Stephen Marquardt came up with the theory that all beauty is mathematical (as originally hypothesised by the Greeks). The ratio (1.618:1) is also referred to as the Fibonacci theory.


The Phi Mask. (Marquardt Beauty Analysis, 2016).

Sadly, Carrie Fisher (the actress behind Princess Leia) doesn’t fit the ratio- however, I will try to edit her face to suit this look.

 (, 2016).


After discussing this research with my team, we decided that we didn’t want to completely change the look of a character too much from the original. We decided to explore other avenues.

Robert joked that I should  use a Stormtrooper as my sex-appeal. Thats when it clicked with me- what’s more symmetrical than a mask? Studies show that men go for the more known attraction in society- and for a Stormtrooper, the face they are most familiar with is that of their masks.

It sounds a bit random, but I started compiling some sketches based on this theory. They actually turned out pretty well- and stuck with a lot of the people I showed.

I used the following model shot and screen caps from the movie when drawing the Stormtrooper- for details in the mask etc.



(, 2016).

Vader and Stormtroopers with Leia.jpg

(, 2016).

With these references I was able to create the below image of the trooper. I used referencing images online to create the pin-up pose. I know the feet are a bit of a mess- I need to fix that in the final image.



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