Mood Board Inspiration

We noticed a lot of head shots were used in the graphic posters on our mood board, I wanted to experiment a little further with this styling. Milton Glaser once commented that, “less is not necessarily more, just enough it more,” and this is how I wanted to approach this idea. (Clifford, n.d.).

I had a few ideas on how to incorporate the head into something to do with parts, but it was Robert’s recommendation that cemented an idea in my head. He suggested I should make her head out of parts-kind of like what Giuseppe Arcimboldo did with faces of fruit and vegetables.

The fruit faces by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. (Arcimboldo, 2016).

leia head sketch

My initial idea.

I wanted to keep the comic style that Jakub had been using when doing this poster, so let him watch me as I did it, advising me when I messed it up. Thought, to be honest, it actually looked pretty good!

I used computer circuit boards to give the hair the detail and then decided to use the B1 Battle Droid as the main face details. I then added the detail from the body of RED (the R2 unit that R2-D2 shot) as an ode to the phrase “tell no one.”

The above images are those that I used for reference when creating the head.

leia head edit.jpg

My final head edit- really liked how this one turned out. I tried to keep the detailing as simple as possible to keep her eyes are the main focus. I was inspired by the clean format used in the cover of one of the books I read in preparation for this project- the black, white and red looked very striking and fitted with the colour schemes of the Rebellion uniform.

Inspiration colour scheme wise.  (Laundy and Vignelli, 1980).

I then gave the image to Jakub and asked him to do some editing- having a mess around with the typography. We agreed that something like “Its on your head now” would look best.

leia head.jpg


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