Research-Save Waste,Save Lives

As mentioned, another type of poster was the ‘Save Waste’ ones that the armies advertised, especially to women.

War time food shortages gave a huge shock to many during both world war one and two- things such as the ration book being introduced to reduce the level of food people wasted and consumed. Rationing was introduced in both February 1917, for World War 1, and September 1939, for World War Two. These limited the level of things like petrol, eggs,milk, sugar and meat people could purchase. (Josephson, 2003).

Advertising campaigns worked to encourage people to save waste and also to grow their own produce in allotments. Britain received 3/4 of its food from overseas each year by 1939 and German’s took advantage of this by attacking supply ship.s

“Dig for Victory” was the slogan shown on most of the posters to encourage people to save waste. (, 2016).

The campaign was highly successful, the number of allotments rising from 815,000 in 1930 to 1,400,000 by 1943.

Reoccurring themes on these posters included a lot of woman chatting to each other, people collecting scraps (mostly women and children) and the personification of the scraps themselves. This is something I wanted to have a play about with- both with the women and more comic side.

Below are a few of my original ideas for posters- experimenting with Princess Leia as our woman protagonist.

I’m kind of bad at drawing things directly from my head and was having a minor ‘I can’t draw for toffee’ day so I asked Jakub could he finalize the image I had in my head. We decided to go for the more head on serious looking pose- Leia is more head strong in character than the women we had seen portrayed in many of the posters we had looked at.

collaberationJakub did an amazing job with this rendition of my sketch. He kept in mind the comic style we had agreed on trying while looking into the graphic novels (artists like Gil Kane). We agreed right away that this would be the basis of our poster- Jakub gave me permission to tinker about with it a bit.


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