The Final Pinup Poster

So, we all collaborated on this Pinup poster. I had a go at painting it myself. I tried to replicate the style of Robert Skemp and Billy Devorss, giving a more soft look to the body. I wasn’t really happy with the body itself with the painting so I asked Jakub to have a look at it.

sexy trooperMy first ropey attempt.

I showed Jakub the work of Rolf Armstrong, especially with the lighting elements to the pieces. He took this into consideration when finishing the painting. Jakub suggested making the light look more relevant, giving it a neon look. It looked amazing- very relevant to the futuristic vibe.

rolf1An example of Armstrong’s use of light in his work. (, 2016).

I also sketched out the typography for the image but found my hand too shaky to add to the actual image itself. Again, Jakub was able to take what I had in mind and add it to the image. Originally I had looked at posters of both pinup and war propaganda and realised that the typography was huge in variety. It could be blocky and stark, very masculine or handwritten with a little more feminine vibes. We liked the later and I had a little play around, picking a light rose colour, but struggled making it stand out.

Jakub took my idea and suggested a more red colour, to keep in with the colour schemes of the Imperial forces. As an added extra he give her some hair- blonde to keep in touch with the Aryan routes that the Nazi’s liked so much. It also made it look less creepy….

beccas stormtrooperedithair.jpg

The final poster! Looking at all the elements and research this was our final idea! Love how it turned out- it gave the vibe we wanted, alluring but not too seductive. Strong and powerful.

References, (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2016].



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