Module Assessment

Coming from a scientific course (Biomedical Science) this was going to be a complete change from what a lecture was. It also gave an idea of what to compare it to.

The course itself is well structured, each week’s lectures are relevant to what aspect of the world we were working for and they opened my eyes to how to approach each week. The information is so interesting and hearing the first hand stories from both Michael and Conánn showed how things like graphic design, story-boarding and even photography played a huge part in the way we needed to think.

Exploring all these things was amazing and the presumption that we were confident in things like Photoshop and After Effects gave the drive to work hard and develop these skills. My work has come a long way since week one and the urge to catch up with the skills of the rest of my classmates (?) is the thing that drives me to do better.

The dynamic of this course is unreal and it’s something all others should have. It’s like a family- everyone works together and pulls each other through.  We can all meet up and all have a laugh, and everyone is glad to help each other out. I’m glad to have met such amazing people and can’t wait to be with them in second semester.

The course itself is stressful- without a doubt. Something my parents aren’t used to (“Why are you working! Its 12.30am!” Nicola Blair). Yes, it could be a bit over the top but after speaking to second year students, it appears not to be. Balancing this work and actual life is hard and can pile up (crying in a presentation is a side effect of this- very sorry). Sometimes it isn’t down to individual effort, but the fact team members are lower in their efforts (for perfect reasons of their own may I add). Pulling the group out of the metaphorical mud can be hard but worth it when presenting.

Presenting each week has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and it’s something that really helps overcome nerves. Not being a shy person to say the least, it is easy to see how others struggle with talking to a large group of people. However, trying to convince people about the ideas your group have come up with, no matter how bizarre, is hard and these passed weeks have greatly improved this. It has also taught me of the importance of being prepared- internet cuts, corrupted files- these are desperate times. (Ask Alec- I did a wonderful reenactment of Tiger for our 12 Principles of Animation presentation).

Life drawing is another aspect that is new to me and something thoroughly enjoyable. It is completely beneficial and the looking back on my sketches shows how much I’ve progressed. Hopefully it will continue into the next semester.

Well, that’s it for now I (yes I used it) believed. This is Rebecca Blair signing out, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!