Revising Character Designs

Ok so I know I didn’t do these drawings at the time of the original creature design week but I wasn’t satisfied with some of them- so I wanted to revisit them again. (Yes I know the time stamp says October but my OCD needed this to be in the correct order- sorry who ever is reading this.

The mer-creatures that I created, and the other dome creatures in face, were some of my favourite characters. However, I wanted to experiment drawing them differently, in a different style.

Brittney Lee is an artist who I admire. Her work is very beautiful- I especially like how she simplifies the eyes to the outline of the lashes. She gives such character and personality to her characters it’s easy to see why she worked on concept art for Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ I’ve included some of my favourite work by her below.

From my original designs, I decided to try and draw them in this style, giving a more feminine look to the characters overall.

From these designs I decided to experiment digitally, drawing the character on Photoshop. I’m actually really happy with the outcome considering I’m new to the whole graphic aspect to this course. I would like to personally thank Niamh Lynn and Jakub Bojanowski for showing me tricks of the trade :).

woo- brittney lee 2


Creepy character designs..

Here we have a couple of developed character designs done digitally. I wanted to show the interactions of these scary creatures against their dome counterparts.

glog finGrog- based off of my revised character designs.

I was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s illustrations for ‘Where the Wild Things are.’ I liked the idea of larger, more rounded creatures. That could appear friendly but in actual fact are rather devious. I also included the use of crystals on Grog himself to show the element of camouflage used in the forest creature.

where-the-wild-things-are-2Sendak’s original illustrations.

txtGleep vs Evil.

Ok, so it’s fair to say that Gleep is one of my favourite designs from this project and I wanted to use him again. I tried my best to make him look like he was glowing, as if the only light source (himself) detected the beast. I also wanted the creature to look out at the viewer, rather than Gleep himself, to connect with us more.


Scaw vs Amelia

So I wanted to experiment with Scaw a bit more- the character originally based on Rosie’s design. I wanted to stylise him to a style I was more comfortable with- having already drawn him in a Pokemon style. I wanted to experiment with Phoebe’s idea that some of the characters in the forest looked evil, but were in fact not quite that. Just misunderstood. Phoebe’s ‘Jellyowl’ was one of these creatures.

For this design I was heavily inspired by Dr. Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’ The wide range of expressions from this character in the illustrations give a fantastic evil look to the character.

Original illustrations by Dr Seuss. Video courtesy of pelleas08.

The Grinch Song from the 1966 movie adaptation. Video courtesy of gemtracker.

I also tried to adapt my style more to that from the movie ‘Anastasia,’ the characters styled by Don Bluth. Bartok (the white bat) and Rasputin are two of my favourite character designs. They are both classified as villains (though Bartok does convert) but the distinguished looks between them makes it more apparent. Bartok is rounder, more smoother, much like his character. Whereas Rasputin is uglier, his face melting in certain parts, drooping too, whereas his body is sharp and angled, his bone structure more pronounced.

I wanted to try and mimic Bartok’s personality- giving the character a softer look than originally intended. The little girl gives emphasis to this as I made her look to be shouting at the ‘monster.’ The girl (I named her Amelia) is the kid I wish I was. I was actually quite shy and anxious as a child and easily scared, whereas young Amelia is afraid of nothing.

You can tell I’ve been doing  an essay on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck..

“I can dream I’m Bugs Bunny, but when I wake up, I’m Daffy Duck,”- (Chuck Jones, 1989)

And another Character Design

boob ladyInspired once again by Britney Lee- I wanted to experiment with some poses and attitudes in the characters. I went for more of an Ursula vibe in the mer-lady and experiment.


Gleep character development

Originally I designed ‘Gleep‘ with a very cartoony ‘Pokemon’ style in mind. However, I wanted to create him in a more realistic style.

Further research into aquatic mammals showed that they have rather small eyes (Dolphins, Manatees, Whales) in comparison to their large size. They rely on other senses and things, such as sonar, to provide their sight.

Eyes of these mammals tend to be smaller (shown above).

I wanted to keep the sunken look to the design from my original character, however I wanted to add this look of  a smaller eye.

Niamh Lynn and Hollie Mackay have really inspired me this semester, especially with their line art- words cannot describe it. I wanted to develop my lineart because of this- so am trying my best to create cleaner art through experimenting with different brushes.

I was influenced by the work of Aaron Blaise, especially his character designs for a movie that never went ahead. The manatee designs were ones I considered a lot when looking at my own work.

I decided to have a go at colouring ‘Gleep’ too. I went with more of a murkier look, using cooler greens to blend in with the dome environment. I also redrew some of his expressions to practice facial feature movements (I tend to struggle with things like this unless I have a mirror).


‘Gleep’- by Me.

I kept the colours fairly blocked, giving more of a 2D look, as I wanted to focus more on the line-art in these pieces.



Character Design revisited..

Another type of character I had wanted to revisit was the evil creatures from this world. I had a look into some of the creatures I had originally designed and redrew them in a style I love.

Stephen Cartwright is an illustrator I grew up with and is one I highly credit and has influenced how I work over the years. His famous ‘find the duck’ element in Osbourne books is one I will not forget.

I then had a go at using this style with my own designs. Below are some of the ideas I came up with from the originals. I then went on and had a go at combining the characters from both the Dome and the Forest together. In our original ideas we talked about the concept that the forest animals would be huge and looming animals. The dome creatures, however would be small- like bacteria- in comparison to them.

When studying the exoskeleton like look to the characters I found the look from the Maze Runner concept art was quite insightful. I liked the mechanical look the legs and body of the creatures, something I tried to show in the armour of the creatures, as demonstrated by Ken Bathelmey.

The glowing of the creatures’ bodies themselves was also the look I was hoping would show, once I draw them out graphically.

I feel that the life drawing aspect of this course has really helped with considering the posing and limbs of character- allowing me to come out of my comfort zone a bit more. My next area of study will be hands…

Character Two- Whoo



Finally, say hello to Whoo!

Whoo is my second character design, a mermaid based hybrid that lives in the Dome fluid. This species is of a higher social status than other such as Gleep, shown by the more developed body type.

Whoo is 6ft in height, her body is also translucent like Gleep’s, however her internal organs act as their own bio-luminescent source, generating energy.

Her face has the same characteristics as Gleep, with a dipped mouth and eyes. However I gave her gills to generate more airflow as she generates her own energy as well as that from outside, so more O2 would be needed for chemical conversions. Her higher level of evolution is also shown in her skull shape, having sharp cheek bones and a nose, based on those of manatees.

Finally her fins are free flowing plasma, inspired by the tails of fighter fish. They give her a more angelic look overall.

Creature concept one- Gleep



Say hello to Gleep!

This is my first complete character design for our Crystal World. Gleep is a free flowing blob, much like a lava lamp his body moves independent of his movements. Even when he is sessile in movement, his body shimmers and flows.

His two pectoral fins are detached from his body, letting him flow around freely, but his main tail fin it attached.

His body is translucent in colour, reflecting and absorbing the bio-luminscent light as a food source. Therefore he had no mouth, but rather an indent that’s depth shows his emotions.

His eyes are also indents, unnecessary due to the abundance of light. With his brows, these show his true emotions.

Gleep is relatively small, roughly a meter long, his size being an advantage when moving through the dome fluid.

Drawing Gleep is relatively simple to draw as he is basically a large circle and small circle combined with a cylinder.

I really like how this little guy turned out, he looks so expressive and would be fun to animate.


Scaw- say hello to the character Rosie and I worked on. I loved her original design, and we worked together to adapt it to the style we had previously agreed on as a group.

Group concepts..

After our redraws we looked at our ideas as a whole, making sure we were along the same wavelength with designs, shown below is a mix of characters from the other group members.


The above is a redraw based on Rosie’s design, nick named ‘Scaw.’ I really like the collaboration that occurred here, both Rosie and I worked together to create this creepy looking character.


Caitlin’s concept.


Thomas’s concept

Thomas and Caitlin worked together to create the ‘mean but nice’ forest creatures, working on how to bring them together to create a nice theme/ Both used a cool mix of deep sea and land animals.



Caitlin’s concept


Caitlin’s concept

My design


My design

Caitlin, Phoebe and I collaborated on the Dome based creatures, watching endless lava lamp videos for inspiration behind their flowing form. We tried to give them all little personalities and make them feel real and of use.

We all decided that this cartoon style was best as we all could draw in it effectively. It gave a great juxtaposition between the cool natured characters of the dome and the horrid forest animals. We selected two creatures each to focus on for our character and expression sheets to keep it simple. Tomorrow we’ll post to see how we’re getting on.