Module Assessment

This semester in Design Discourse has been a hard one for me. I struggled at first with the animations- the software proving very difficult. However, with the aid of Gianni, Alec and my Maya team I think I’ve improved so much.

Due to the amount of time spent on the Creative Element section to this course, not as much of my time was contributed to this section as I would have liked. I feel that I should be a lot further ahead in my skills when looking at others but I still feel proud of the progress I’ve made.

I found that due to my scientific background, I was able to apply principles to my animations to add the more realistic look to each animation (things such as the volume control on the bouncy balls when applying squash and stretch).

I found I did struggle with things such as adding too many key frames, to try and fix the animation (in only my head would this work). From now until we head back I’m going to try and focus on modelling and doing some animations of my own.