Ink Studies

Michael asked us to have a look into a few different artists before we participated in life drawing this week.

Albrecht Dürer was was a German renaissance painter and printmaker. I had a look at his work and realised his sketches were completed in both ink and pen. I’ve included a few of them below.

Neal Adams is a comic book artist who works in pen and pencil. I found his style of work really interesting to look at- due to working in the one tone of pen, he creates the look of depth in different ways. This would be something work experimenting with in this weeks life drawing.

Video  courtesy of SpydaCreations.

Some examples of Adam’s work.

Mort Drucker is an American caricaturist and comic book artist who is best know for his work on the comic ‘Mad.’ He was my least favourite of the artists that we had to research. I found his caricatures very harsh and scary (?). Not something I could look at.

Video courtesy of  Stephen Silver.

Some of Drucker’s caricatures.

Charles Dana Gibson was an American graphic artist who was responsible for the for the creation of the Gibson Girl, the representation of the independent American woman. I loved his style the most as he created the feeling of movement and shape without the over use of lines. His limited line use gives the feel of direction.

Video courtesy of Robert Fair.

The work of Charles Dana Gibson.

12434567_10201222244756179_2077703265_nMy tonal study of the leg.




Life Drawing- Tonal

Today in life drawing we did a longer drawing (thank gosh). I love the gesture drawings but sometimes it is nice to just stand, listen to opera and draw for a long period of time (40 minutes if I’m not mistaken). After looking at the work of Bernie Wrightson (his ink drawings are superb and I love the style) in class we wanted to have a go at this style too. Wrightson uses a cross hatch method but the lines are direction (shown below). They all start from a point and work out, heavier lines for more shaded areas.  For preparation for these ink drawings next week, Michael wanted us to practice tonal studies again- to appreciate the ability to use one tone to add depth to a piece.

Pieces by Bernie Wrightson.

12463488_10201222243876157_1772465393_nFull body tonal study of Jackie.

I didn’t get any feedback this week (Michael never stopped by me) – unsure if this is a good or a bad thing. I was really pleased with the tonal I was achieving in the body- next time I’ll focus on a larger area to achieve more detailed hatching. I’m quite excited for next week- pen is one of my favourite mediums.

Life drawing- Man and Chair

So today we did the dreaded chair and man life drawing. I hate cubes- which is strange because I’m quite a mathematical mindset so thought I’d enjoy them but no. We started our session as per usual, drawing one minute sketches of the female model. Michael said he was happy with what he saw (thank God)- that we were really focusing on the movement of the model and the shapes were strengthening because of this.

We then drew the chair, Michael first got us to walk around it, noting things such as the height of the top compared to the legs and the tapering of the head rest. We then drew the chair lightly, focusing on the angle and connecting the four legs along the correct parallels.

Once finished mine I realised I had drawn Robert’s head too far up, he was more bent over in the pose. However, I think my chair drawing abilities and proportions are starting to get there!

12431228_10201222244716178_282810685_nMy own drawing of Robert on the chair- with Michael’s accompanying notes.

Life drawing- Torso and Hips

So today in life drawing we explored the spacing between the torso and hips and the relations between them. Mike showed us the above examples on how to draw them from different angles, based on the line of action (spine). I really struggled this week with trying to understand this, it literally mind fudged me. Michael got us to practice drawing the two shapes (oval for the rib cage and rugby ball for the hips) out a few times, to get it perfect.

Life Drawing- 10 Second Sketches and Shading

Today we practiced our tonal study once more, for the last 30 minutes of our lesson, only this time with Jackie.

At the start, we did our normal warm up of fast 60 second sketches before Michael threw a curve ball. 10 second sketches. You heard me. 10 seconds each.  Literally some of mine were stick women- though I think I still managed to capture the movement well. It actually helped me in a way- I found it easier to place each movement quicker so I could add more detail, and even get to the facial features, in the next lot of sketches. After this we did our tonal study- although I messed up with the head position, I think I’m getting better at making the image stand out more, especially in the stomach area.

Life drawing- Shading

Mike had asked us to buy tonal chalks for this week as we would be focusing on using shadow to create a more 3D look. First, he got us to draw sphere and then decide where the light source would be.

We then split the sphere in half parallel to this source, and then perpendicular to the source. Using the lightest shade first, we added the lightest tone, near the light source and progressed to the darkest tone. Mike showed us that the darkest tone should never meet the end of the sphere, as there is a highlight underneath from other light sources/ drop off. My paper had a weird texture and so looked a bit messy but overall I was happy with how it turned out.

After this practice, we drew the life models, full body first, based on our previous lessons, and then selected an area to shade. I decided to use the head, as it had a nice dark cast shadow. Ok, so it was little too dark due to the outline being quite heavy to begin with, but other than that, I think I grasped how to use the principles we were shown. Also, I quite like my life drawing itself. Like I said, I’m better at the longer sketches than the quick ones.

Life Drawing – shapes at different angles

Today we approached drawing limbs and shapes from awkward angles, such as head on, and how it would be possible to create them in a 3D way. Michael showed us this through drawing caterpillars. Drawing circles on top of each other allowed us to see the depth in the arm, the thickening and thinning of muscles for the legs and arms.

At the end, we focused on a section of interest on the model. With Robert, I chose his left knee and leg. It was quite hard due to the angle, however Michael showed me how to box out the knee with shading to give a more 3D look.

As you can see, my first attempts were off. However, once Michael stood with me for a few minutes, I started to get better.

Life drawing..perspective drawing

Today we tried something new in life drawing- perspective drawing.

I feel like I’m getting worse with life drawing as we progress which sucks and frustrates me because I am doing independent practice. Hmph.

Michael showed us how to manipulate cubes to draw chairs, the follow the horizontal lines to achieve the correct angle for each object. With the chairs alone is was fine- when we introduced a life model I struggled greatly. I just got so flustered with the whole set up and could barely finish one piece. More practice is definitely needed here.

A few of my attempts from this week. Yeah, I’ve had better days.

Michael gave us homework- I know its a word I haven’t heard in a while. He wants us to draw cubes from different view points in mind i.e. above and below the horizon line. Hopefully this will help me a bit!

Life drawing- head and torso

A few of my 60 second poses. Michael pointed out that the head should not be circular but more of an oval with the jaw attached.

 So today in life drawing we focused on the head and torso-Michael wanted us to grasp the concept of proportion and how they interacted relevant to each other.
First we did some 60 second sketches for 30 minutes (15 minutes with each model) and then for the last 30 minutes we studied the head and torso for longer periods of time.

It’s safe to say I’m better with greater detail in longer time limits – Mike showed me once or twice a few tricks to follow on body fluidity.

I can feel myself getting better and stronger with each pose- better than last week thank God!

Hopefully I’ll get faster as time goes on.