Cinematography- Seamus McGarvey and Roger Deakins

So Rosie, Thomas, Phoebe and I have been gifted a presentation on Seamus McGarvey and Roger Deakins, looking into their cinematography. We decided to split up the presentation between the four of us, so I was given Seamus McGarvey. I wanted to keep a log of research into him, before showing my group and including into the presentation.


Above are the references I used for our presentation.

In our presentation we wanted to have a look into certain areas of McGarvey’s life and how his work came about. We agreed to look into;

a bit about his life

where and when he was born (Armagh 1967), how he got into cinematography (stills photography on a super 8 camera) and his education (Polytechnic Central London)

-his style

“Die hard celluloid junkie”- 100 movies shot using film

-movies/documentaries he has worked on

Atonement, Godzilla, The Avengers, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Hours

-awards he has received/ been nominated for 

Academy Award nomination, a BAFTA nominations and the Technical Achievement awards in the Evening Standard British Film Awards for his work on the movie  “Atonement.” He received his second Academy Award nomination for his work on Joe Wright’s movie  “Anna Karenina” which starred Keira Knightley and Jude Law. 1998 – the British Society of Cinematographers. In 2004 – Royal Photographic Society‘s Lumiere medal for contributions to the art of cinematography

-things that have inspired him

stills photography (Henry Cartier-Bresson), films (Stairway to Heaven).

-certain movies that we both like

We both wanted to show scenes from the movies Atonement and The Hours, both having well known scenes due to the cinematography.

Renowned ‘Beach Scene’ from Atonement (2007)

The ‘Hotel Scene’ from The Hours (2002)

Seamus McGarvey Cinematography– this video was a great introduction to McGarvey’s cinematography, as I’d never heard of him before

This video was part of a three part series- McGarvey describing the work that goes on behind the filming of movies.

Talking with Yuri Neyman on how he got into cinematography.

In preparation for the Baftas, McGarvey also talked to ‘Bafta Guru‘ about his nominations and inspiration.

All this information can be viewed in our presentation.

UPDATE- so I emailed Seamus McGarvey asking him some questions about what inspired him and he replied! It was passed our presentation date sadly but look! He may come and visit us!