The Unseen Creature..

With a shift and a crackle,
a scuttle and a crack.
You better watch out before he’s on your back.

– Rebecca Blair

Be kind it’s my first attempt at using digital paint as a medium- slowly getting there-

I wanted to create a creature that could be made from clay and used in a stop motion feature- therefore I looked to Tim Burton for inspiration. Jack Skellington from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ was a huge inspiration for this character. The elongated, slim limbs, much like that of Slenderman whom I previously researched, give a creepy look to the character.


Video courtesy of neverdawn2.

I also looked into the work of Henry Selick on James and the Giant Peach. Mrs Spider always creeped me out- her movements fast and agile but smooth.

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Scraw is the concept of an unseen monster. I developed him further from our original character from our Design a World project, formerly known as Scaw.

He is completely transparent, light passing through him. He sneaks through children’s bedrooms, slithers under their beds and gives them endless nightmares. He can only be seen at the right angle, his body dark and black, eyes sunken and glaring. His arms are twig like, fingers long and clawed. Only you won’t see them. No. You will feel them, clawing at your uncovered limbs. You will hear them, scratching at your door. You will fear them, without knowing what ‘them’ is.

So, are you really not afraid of the dark?