Christopher Vogler-A Writer’s Journey

So our team have been tasked with a presentation on pages 23-47 of the novel A Writers Journey by Christopher Vloger. The book discusses the plot lines and archetypes that all stories follow. Literally every film/book follows the same plot line set up- with a few exceptions like Pulp Fiction.

When researching this we all decided to split off and read the three chapters (the archetypes, the Hero and the Mentor) we were given- admittedly I did read the whole book. I focused on making notes and observations for the first two chapters, to show the maximum amount of detail.

We then met up and together made our basic power point structure together, deciding what stuff we needed to include to best get the book chapter across. We then split the presentation up to select which pieces we would work on to include things like examples and the layout. Then we would come together to make sure the layout was consistent throughout. Jakub took the Hero chapter and both Caitlin and Robert divided the Mentor chapter.

I was tasked with the introduction piece-this chapter discussed a brief introduction and history of the archetypes- where they originated from and how they exist in stories. It also gave examples as to how these exist in modern day movies and experiences- good cop bad cop etc.

Once we completed our parts to the presentation we then met up and made sure the alignment was correct and I helped cite the images and quotations. After that, Jakub, Caitlin, Robert and I practiced presenting our findings.

Below are the notes I kept when preparing for the presentation.