Research- The Human Body making Energy

In the human body there are two parts to the nervous system; the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The central nervous system is used for the primary command center (made up of the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system is made of the nerves that connect the CNS to the rest of the body. The system itself works to collect information and dispatch it throughout the body itself. The information is then process and dispatched with instructions to the other body parts and systems. (, 2016). In our world, the humans are the energy, moving up and down the nerves of the world to transport food, ideas and most of all, to feed the main element or God (the headlight).  

In our world, the mutated energy people act as the neurons found in the nervous system. These neurons (nerve cells) communicate through transmitting electrochemical signals. The structure of the neuron allows it to have small finger like projections, known as dendrites, extend from the cell itself and pick up electochemical signals from the surrounding environment, other neurons and sensory receptor cells. The body of the cell is insulated in axons made from a fat that help speed up the travelling of the signals.

motor neuron

The motor neuron. Its dendrite structures inspired some of my original designs. (, 2016).

In the human body there are three types of neurons:

Afferent neurons- transmit the sensory signals to the central nervous system from the receptors in the body. These are like the people working together to complete tasks of everyday life. The conscious thoughts captured in their electric movements.

Efferent neurons- these neurons transmit the signals from the CNS to the effectors in the body (effectors include muscles and glands). The ‘effectors’ in our own project are the hand like appendages that are the two spine parts. They are the energy stores and dip into the center of the main body of the planet, feeding the light.

Interneurons- these are the complex networks in the CNS that take the information from the afferent neurons and send the signals to the function of the body through the efferent neurons. (Jones and Jones, 1995).

afferent efferent

The afferent and efferent neuron. (, 2016).

In our world, the main body of the world itself is the brain or control center of these items. The brain itself is a soft wrinkled organ which is in the center of the skull. The armor of our world acts as the cranium, protecting the control center below it. There are around 100 billion neurons that form the main control center of the body. The brain processes and co-ordinate the response together. In the brain, the respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and digestion are all controlled. (System, 2016).

A video we were shown in biomed for the brain function. (YouTube, 2016).



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