A World with a Core?


One of the concepts that we originally played with was that that had a core in itself. We had looked at the Star Wars planet Coruscant. The planet itself had to deal with overpopulation but building literally in on itself. The deeper the planet, the more gritty it gets. Like the slums of Coruscant.

The planet was the primary location for Star Wars 1313 video game which was cancelled.

The demo reel for the game. Video courtesy of Joshua Levesque.

Gustavo Mendanco did some of the original artwork for this project. I love the grungy quality to the work- an idea I had originally explored was maybe the inner world being the beauty and the outer being a mix of grunge effects.

From inside looking up would look so bright and rich compared to the lower desolate state. This would symbolise the levels of class seen in Ancient Roman culture. We could also use the representation of the “7 hills of Rome” somehow here.

Mendanco also showed a process behind a painting he did based on Star Wars. I thought this might come in handy for later concept artwork.


Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) 

This science fiction novel by Jules Verne depicts the journey of a group of scientists as they travel to the center of the world’s core through a volcano near Reykjavik, Iceland,  and discover a hidden world below.

A summary of the novel. Video courtesy of 17mcduffym.



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