Ancient Roman Medicine

I had the idea of looking through some sources for Ancient Roman medicine. I found quite a lot of information that I found such as the instruments they used, the herbs they used to heal people and where the ideology stemmed from (this is all recorded in more detail in my sketchbook).

toolsSome of the tools used. (

In the beginning authors Cato and Pliny believed in cures from prayers, chants and herbs. Practical medicine only was really introduced when the Greek and Roman cultures joined together.(Magner, 2005).

I really liked the idea of incorporating some sort of medical style aspect into the work- like with the world being living without people. Like as a blood vessel?

I love the visual of blood vessels around our world like as a wrapping?

WOTWRedWeedThe Red Weed from the War of the Worlds. It’s finger-like projections remind me of blood vessels. (War of the Worlds, 2016).

Ryan showed me this artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. This polish painter dystopian surrealism. The artwork is very gothic and shows the kind of texture that is similar to the Red Weed. I really would like the use of this texture on the world itself. The gore effect in these is very chilling and would work well with the level of death caused in the colosseums.

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